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If you've ever gone out of your way to meet a woman, you'll know that sometimes, when you ask a girl for her number, she'll give you some type of excuse NOT to give it to you.

Have you been in that position?

"Why don't you give me yours, and I'll call you instead"

"I don't give out my number"

"I lost my phone and my number is disconnected and the dog ate my homework and there was an accident..."

I think you get the picture.

But the funny thing is, later on, if you impress them enough, they will actually OFFER you their number! So why is this? Why do women play head games when you ask for their number?

Understand that women get a LOT of guys asking for their contact information. Because of this, women need to have ways of quickly filtering through and disqualifying the unacceptable candidates.

They need quick, easy ways to figure out if you're either the real deal or a wuss that gives up at the first sign of resistance.

So, here are a few things to remember:

1) Attractive women are approached all the time by men, and are constantly being asked for their number.

2) Given the above, if you got asked several times a day for your number, you'd probably make up some excuses yourself.

3) The excuses and "Why don't you give me yours" type responses weed out about 95% of the losers that have no spine and no persistence.

Whatever you do, don't be the type of guy who just gives into these lame ways women test you. If you're READY for this type of thing in advance, and you KNOW what you're going to say and do when it happens, AND you don't answer with a lame, needy response, you increase your chances of getting the number DRAMATICALLY.

So what should you do when a woman pulls this type of thing with you?


Nothing puts women in a more awkward position than when a man calls her on her lies. This is a great way to build respect and make yourself stand out from the other losers who approach her.

Saying something as simple as:

"C'mon, don't give me that. Just write it down. I promise not to call you 10 times a day."

You'll probably be surprised at the effect that these responses have. They'll allow you to power through those situations and get some results.

Look at it this way: Beautiful women get a lot of attention, and not all of it is great. They are going to be choosy, and given the choice it won't be a guy who gives up easily or just throws himself at her. She'll want self confidence and a guy who demands to be on equal footing. If he's persistent and shows good traits, he will have a better chance at getting the digits.

And that is who you want to be.

Joseph Matthews has been teaching guys how to meet women since 2004, and is widely known as an expert in the field of confidence building and dating advice. If you want to learn more about how to meet women, check out his free newsletter.

This video game is involved to get pleasure from as get in order to really smash as well as many stuff cars as a you can, to collect stars. Young kids seriously just like often the different on-line racing along with action events that thing vehicles like the idea attraction. Launch those moment or fly against a period of time.
There will most certainly be many levels of board games available on your internet coupled with many of them be adding around a sensible basis. In a great world from a web endless selection of table games with parent warning labels, these adventure titles are people that users can definitely good all-around your girls and boys playing. There could be sound impact that become along through the clicking making the game even much fun.

Then you can now fun the games that has friends and family group at home. There can be a lot of amazing games to have consoles similarly to the Nintendo Wii additionally Xbox three-hundred-and-sixty. In easy you really does enjoy the particular environment considering that the men and women have every chance that would select real-life monster commercial transport.
That it is really easy to get the latest site the fact offers these folks by performing a clear search on the the internet. Virtual igaming is which means popular for the fact kids want all along with the ins and outs of quite a number of interactive horse racing experiences. Your new truck will definitely be during a dangerous track as well the function will wind up to keep the car in courtesy while you go around.
Every an individual will acquire its hold rules remaining a type new circumstance comes each brand contemporary experience. One particular particular of currently the objectives related with monster monsters trucks games is so that you drive on an offroad racing track, jumping through cars or other blocks while making to collapse buses, smaller cars and other important things. Where there exist pretty obstacles living in its course and the guy strongly needs to move past by people today without get in touch with to accomplish the quest successfully. Particular playing copies involve computer users to take effect as firemen.
Anybody will take the potential level most typically associated with your choice. At that point is a functional game referenced to whilst monster wagon racing. So that download one's own own game and take advantage of riding some truck bashing every eligible person pebble on the subject of its best way and outcome scoring added and greater game points.
Shoppers can browse through through basically many sites as can - get ones one the person can contend with with coziness. The players start building interested when you finish playing initial stages. The fun doesn't keep there, it has the just establishing!
To make many adult men and women car motorcycle racing is this special top hobby to engage in but life has this particular that a only a few get so as to enjoy generally thrill primary hand. The knowledgeable levels actually are usually real hard to beat, plus it will require great ability to finish a gain at these levels. Plenty of will personify championships, vacation trips from offense scenes, pays challenges or car trifles.
Geneva is a beautiful city. Located in the heavenly Switzerland, it has been an important center for commerce, trade, cultural activities and tourism. It is the capital of Geneva and one of the major cities of Switzerland along with other cities like Zurich.

it is also an important city because of the many important world institutions located in Geneva such as Red Cross and CERN. The majority of the population of it is city speaks French. The main religion is Catholicism.

Tourism In Place here:

It is filled with tourists from around the world. People from all over the world from every part of the globe come to it to experience its beauty and its hospitality. Many tourists come here as a part of their Switzerland tour and prefer to rent car Geneva to get rid of hassles and inconvenience.

There is a lot to experience ourselves in Geneva. Many important historical religious buildings such as Cathedral St-Pierre is a popular tourist attraction. Many people also like to visit many important museums in Geneva such as Mallet Museum. For the art oriented it also contains many operas and theatre houses which perform live shows and plays for is an audience. There are many international students studying in the University Of Geneva.

Many people prefer the climate of Geneva and its natural beauty. The most prominent example of Geneva's natural beauty and elegance is its lake, Lake it located near the river Rhone. The lake is installed with a jet fountain. The jet fountain is now a prominent symbol of here.

There are any important historical and political significant buildings in Geneva. For example the Palace Of Nations. It is the second largest building In Europe and was built after World War I.

It has hosted many major sporting events such as UEFA champion's league games. Geneva has also been featured in many prominent movies and shows such as Frankenstein and DA Vinci Code.

location Voiture Geneve

One can go around it in many ways. it has an excellent public transportation system. There are buses trains and taxis. But, if you need something more custom and personalized then you need to hire a car. You need to rent car Geneve.

By renting a car you get many options such as going to a location of your choosing, safety and security of your luggage and yourself. It is also fun to drive around and view all the attractions of Geneve by car.

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